Plant-Based With Ease

Establish a Balanced Plant-Based Diet for Good
How to make delicious and balanced plant-based meals, even without cooking skills
How to handle eating-out confidently and with ease
What to do if your family isn't on board
This course is perfect if you...

are not into cooking and want it to be as easy as possible

find a lot of recipes too complicated and not filling enough 

feel isolated on your plant based journey because your friends and family are not on board

are overwhelmed by all the nutrition advice and just need a clear and easy to follow path
Katharina Salmen

Vegan Nutritionist & Founder of vegantours

I started my plant-based journey 5 years ago, but struggled a lot. I thought it was because of a lack of cooking skills and recipes, until I discovered the importance of mindset & social environment for long-term dietary change.

My friends and family simply weren't on board and I felt isolated and alone. I couldn't stand being the "weirdo" that only eats plants! I didn't want to make a fuss so I often gave in and felt bad afterwards.

It took me more than 2 years to gain the confidence in myself to not only establish healthy plant-based routines and stick to them but also stand to my beliefs!

 I want to make this a lot quicker and easier for you :)

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