Hi, I’m Katie!

5 years ago, I went plant-based on a 30-day challenge that actually changed my life. I felt the best I ever did, had heaps of energy and felt amazing.
But after that initial excitement was over, I found it incredibly hard to stick to it.

My cravings for animal products and junk food would always return. I just had to give in to it at some point.
I also felt like an alien because I was the only one in my circle of friends and family who went plant-based. Family gatherings or eating out can get AWKWARD quickly if you’re insecure or don’t want to deal with critical questions.

Over time, I found a strategy that works… but it took me more than 2 years of struggling.

I’m telling you this because I want you to know that you are not alone. If you’d like to finally get started, join my free e-mail course.

My mission now is to help people to take responsibility for their health and encourage them to discover the variety and possibilities that plant-based food has to offer.

What’s your story? How did you get to wind up here? Comment below or shoot me a message here!